“Choose your corner, pick away at it carefully, intensely, and to the best of your ability and that way you might change the world.”
– Charles Eames

At Patcraft, we believe flooring is the foundation of the built environment. And we believe in the people it supports and the activities they pursue. More than just a surface, flooring is the canvas upon which we move, strive, create, dream and connect. Understanding the importance of providing a strong foundation for our customers, we have chosen our corner. We choose to focus on performance design and innovation. This is what drives us in what we do everyday.

So why do we put so much thought into the design of our products? Because like you, we are doting parents of elementary school students who spend their day learning, playing, connecting. We are concerned patient families walking the halls or gathering in the waiting area at a local hospital. We are Saturday shoppers spending the day looking for, comparing options and ultimately connecting with just the right pair of shoes. We are collaborative thinkers in an open office environment tasked with creating big ideas, growing our business, and connecting with our customers.

But that is not all we are.

We are engineers who examine every component of flooring construction so the products we make will last a lifetime. We are scientists who evaluate ingredients to ensure they are safe for the built environment and sustainable for the future. We are designers who translate big inspiration into a beautifully durable flooring. We are facility owners responsible for maintaining four campus buildings…but particularly obsessed with the performance of the flooring. And we are partners who want to provide solutions for customers.

As the leader in performance flooring, we have a passion for elevating flooring and through convergence of ideas, innovation and problem solving, we are able to focus on solutions that make commercial spaces more functional, durable, beautiful and appropriate for end users.

This is our focus. Building the most beautiful and best performing flooring options in the industry. We do this by investing in industry-leading manufacturing facilities and equipment, and through innovative thought leaders in both manufacturing and design who ensure our products are beautiful, durable and sustainable,

Continuous collaboration allows us to constantly challenge ourselves to look for a better process, an alternative ingredient, a more sustainable solution. And once we’ve created our product, we take it a step further and submit the product to a third party resource to undergo a battery of tests, over a hundred to be a little more specific .

Intense? Maybe… but we believe flooring can enhance environments and support your daily activities. So that teachers and students, scholars and librarians, civil servants and citizens, nurses and doctors, patients and caregivers, workers and leaders, inventors and trailblazers can pursue their objectives as effectively and as comfortably as possible.

We are Patcraft and our focus is not just on creating flooring but on creating flooring that elevates your environments and connects you within a space…because flooring matters.

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