IVApprovingStandards-1_croppedFor the past 70 years, Patcraft has provided flooring solutions for a variety of end-use applications, and has made a name for itself as the leader in commercial flooring. Every day, we seek to innovate. To expose the next design trend. To create products that don’t harm our planet. And to do all of this while providing our customers with the most beautifully-durable, long-lasting flooring in the market today.

From our creative team whose insight into commercial interiors trends sets creative direction for new designs; to those working in manufacturing who consistently look for innovative ways to build our products better every day; to our support teams who work hard to creatively and consciously make flooring selection your easiest task; and ultimately to our sales team who work diligently to partner with you to find solutions to your flooring needs, we are constantly in a state of convergence. In order to be successful at what we do, everyone at Patcraft – though from different areas of the process and with varied focus – must keep our eyes on what matters most within a built environment…the people within it.

Renowned architect Charles Eames once said, “Eventually everything connects – people, ideas and objects.” For more than seven decades, people at Patcraft have continued to build upon their ideas to create products that are not only innovative, but that also set the standards for other flooring companies. Our award winning Deconstructed™ platform, which exposes the primary backing to create the pattern design, combines the innovation of our product design team, along with manufacturing and technical services, creating an award winning product like no other — Deconstructed Metal received a 2015 Neocon Innovation Award, and has continued to generate buzz and excitement following the initial launch of Deconstructed Black in early 2015. This collection truly embodies the idea of convergence. Also just a few years back, Patcraft entered into the resilient flooring category. Proponents of the mantra “you have to be in the business to understand the business and make the products better,” Patcraft began looking at ways to make resilient perform better and make these products more sustainable. We continue to work diligently to push innovation in this category to create products unlike any others in both design and composition.

transformationConverge. That’s been a big part of Patcraft’s history these past 70 years, and we continue to learn, grow, and work together to ensure we maintain our position as the leader in high-performance flooring solutions for the commercial market. There is always room for growth; always room to expand our knowledge and stretch our capabilities. Continuing our focus on performance based design, we will undoubtedly face obstacles and we are confident that with due diligence and focus on the needs of our customers, we will remain the leader in performance flooring solutions.

On this blog, you will learn more about our goals, our focus, our vision for Patcraft and our convergence to make products our customers can’t live without. In all we do, we seek to redefine performance because when you see flooring, it isn’t just about the physical attributes. This blog will reveal those beliefs and how we are redefining performance through our creative process and our focus on sustainability; as well as information on trends in the specific markets we service, and spotlights on our sales team and projects; and much more.

We hope you enjoy learning more about Patcraft. Happy reading!

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