Seemingly as soon as the previous year’s Neocon is over, Patcraft creative and marketing teams begin planning for the next. In addition to developing new product that will best fit the needs and trends of the upcoming year and beyond, great pride and attention to detail is taken in transforming showroom 10-160 at the Chicago Merchandise Mart. Neocon 2016 was no exception, and the space exquisitely captures how Patcraft is transforming performance in both the products being shown, and throughout the showroom space itself. Patcraft’s Vice President, Creative & Design Pamela Rainey and Brand Manager Leigh Ann Sharp each work diligently throughout the year to create a space that reflects the brand and best showcases new products. The duo had this to share about the 2016 Showroom, and how CONVERGE has become a prominent focus of the brand.

Why ‘Converge’ as the main theme of the showroom?

Converge takes on many relevant meanings when you think about the interaction of people within a space. Each year, we look forward to Neocon and the convergence of so many of our customers into Chicago to visit our showroom and see our new product innovations. With that in mind, we wanted to design a Neocon experience that shows our focus on shifting perspective and creating products that transform the performance of those who live and work on them.


Converge also expands past Neocon into what matters to our customers. We are constantly looking for ways to enhance environments, encourage collaboration, and elevate the experience of our customers in the spaces they interact. When you think of the places you go on a daily basis – healthcare facilities, retail establishments, education environments, and corporate office spaces – good design positively influences how we view the space and how we perform in it. Creating environments that encourage convergence is the basis of what we do.

And finally, Converge has become a relevant trend as we continue to see a convergence of trends across segments. No longer are we being asked for education products or corporate products. Designers and end users are now looking for products that are beautifully durable. Colors, patterns, textures and product constructions are crossing over from segment to segment.

The culmination of all of this led to our focus on Converge.

Talk a bit about the inspiration for Mixed Materials Converge.

Studying the relationship that design can have in setting the tone of a space, MIXED MATERIALS CONVERGE™ explores the emotional connection that transpires when colour and shape converge. Because of our success with the Mixed Materials® platform, we have expanded the product offering to include new shapes, patterns and sizes.

Focusing on the movement of color across a neutral canvas, the collection was created to be versatile, expressive and uniquely effortless. Individually, the pattern CUBE & COLOUR is enhanced as each of the three shapes creates its own distinct visual. Used together, the pattern takes on an entirely new perspective.

Mixed Materials Converge expands upon Patcraft’s unique platform that offers the ability to seamlessly transition between carpet and resilient without the need for transition strips. The collection features two resilient products, Wood Planx, available in 9” x 36” and facet, and Metallix, available in 12” square, 9” x 36” and facet. Cube & Colour, the soft surface offering within the collection, features three carpet tile shapes: 24″ square, facet, and a 12″ x 48″ Skinny Tile. Products are available in 12 colors, including six neutrals and six brights, each with an interesting color shift that creates a unique pattern on the floor even with the installation of a single product.

How did you seek to incorporate other elements of furniture design and custom build-outs to complete your overall vision for the NeoCon Showroom?


Thinking of the importance of collaboration and the trends we are seeing within corporate, learning, and even healthcare environments, we wanted to show the versatility of our products within these types of spaces. The showroom incorporates spaces for small group collaboration, individual quiet workspace, connection space, create spaces, and transit areas. Each of these areas are representative of environments that we see in schools, higher education space and corporate workplace. The furniture and fixtures were selected to show variation and personal expression making the showroom unique and creating spaces that appeal to a diverse audience.

What do you hope visitors’ to the NeoCon Showroom walk away understanding about Patcraft’s newest collections?

When visitors leave our showroom, we want them to understand that our focus is on creating products that allow them to expand their perspective and cull fresh design ideas. We know that flooring is the foundation of the built environment, so we focus on creating beautifully durable products that transform performance and elevate the experience of those using those spaces.


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