Color abounds and surrounds our lives. We live in a global environment with instant communication, and as the pace of social & cultural changes accelerate, color trends are constantly evolving to reflect those changes. So where do color trends come from? It’s commonly accepted that it starts with haute couture and trickles down from there to media content and so on.

An integral part of many different industries, color is a very influential source of information when people are making a purchasing decision. ₁Consumers generally make an initial judgment on a product within 90 seconds of interacting with that product and about 60-90% of that judgment is based on color.

Color experts analyze design trends, consumer preferences and priorities across regional, cultural and global markets to determine factors that reflect our changing color preferences. When making color decisions it is important to understand the target audience in order to convey the right message.

Commercial design color trends tend to be more reserved so as not to offend. These palettes are grounded in neutrals and accented with colors of their brand. Looking ahead to 2017/2018 we [Patcraft Creative Team] see the usual suspects in the core with rich full bodied colors that contrast the lighter counterparts.

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